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Thriving  Through  Divorce

Online MasterCourse

This course is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed and can't see the road ahead

  • You are concerned about your kids health and stability

  • You want the divorce to be over as soon as possible

  • You want to move from surviving to thriving - and not someday, but tomorrow! 

  • You want to save money on your legal bills

  • You know that you were meant for a more passionate,  more fulfilling life

  • You are looking for real-talk about divorce - and how to navigate the storm.

  • You are starting to see the negative patterns in your life and want to find true love

  • You are feeling undervalued, and want to build the confidence to claim sovereignty over your own life 

  • You are feeling drawn into remembering your life purpose and deeper truths

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"I don't believe in theory, I believe in practice.

Every video, every tool that I share is created to quickly shift your current reality ."

​This MasterCourse builds your Phoenix Wings

in 8 weeks through 4 modules:

Welcome Workbook

MasterClass Map

4 Stages of Making a Phoenix

WING 1 - The Beauty in the Burn

Getting Clarity and Stability

Feel the Pain, Speak Truth to Fear

Inner Resilience and Creating a Safe Harbor 

WING 2 - Resurrecting From the Ashes

Forgiveness & Grace

The Mourning Process

Saying Goodbye to the Old Story

WING 3 - Trying Your Wings

Turning Powerless into Powerful

Claiming Sovereignty Over Your Life

Trusting Others, Trusting Yourself, Trusting Love

WING 4 - Lighting up the Skies

Turning Waiting into Creating

You are the Love of Your Life

Embracing Your New Incarnation

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Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 11.01.39 PM.pn

What's  Included -

Videos with Unique Keys to Thriving Through Divorce

Image by Bruce Christianson

Modules & Exercises to Accelerate Your Clarity

Image by Dan Dennis

Powerful Mind Journeys  to Create Your Future 

Image by Vishal Gautam

Group Chat Support

Image by Emily Bauman

Tools for Claiming Your Sovereignty

8 Weeks to 


Freedom &


Cost  -  $299 USD

Real talk.  Structured Process. Deep healing.