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Conscious Divorce

Transforming a painful process into an empowered life reclamation

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In 2012, I went through a life-shattering high-conflict divorce, which became both my greatest challenge and gift. And because of that powerful process, I am passionate about supporting others in claiming their freedom and their joy. I help you to remember your inner greatness, so you can live a life of purpose, clarity, and passion!

And I want to share with you that divorce is not just an ending - it's also a beginning


Divorce can be the hardest challenge a person will face in their lifetime. Some people stay stuck in the pain forever.

But not you.

You are a Phoenix, and you know that you must transform and rebirth yourself to fly higher than you ever have. You know you were meant for so much more. 

I have walked where you walk. I have unearthed the secrets of the conscious divorce transition. 

You want courage. You want clarity. You want to be wholly loved. I have what you need to get you there. 

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as your personal Conscious Divorce mentor


“ I really felt a pivot after… I am realizing that the depth of the emotional abuse was much more serious than I ever realized. Thank you so much for all your insight and support. Now I’m finding strength in places I didn’t know I had it.”  - Dr Heather R.


Thriving Through Divorce
The Resurrection Course Online

-  Go from doubt and pain to feeling confident and clear!

-  Heal yourself through total self love

-  Get the tools for acting upon, not reacting to, the stages of separation and divorce

-  Identify the drains that are causing your pain, confusion and guilt.  

-  Understand your past and create a bright future 

-  Learn to navigate your new self and create your new life with more ease

This course will save you years of grief and propel you into a new reality - an amazing post-divorce life! 

"Amazing guidance and advice, on such a personal and touchy subject.  I recommend her to anyone who needs help guiding themselves through their divorce or marriage". - Joe Esteves


We have been taught to see divorce as a failure, and the path of divorce as a "plan b" scenario.

But my divorce led to my Plan A+! I can tell you with certainty that I am a fulfilled person,

not in spite of my divorce, but thanks to my conscious divorce process 

- and the journey of exponential growth it led me on! 

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